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ICT based Services for

Agriculture Extension in Pakistan

DFID's research strategy 2008-2013 includes elements that focus on finding ways to utilise new technologies for poverty alleviation. The use of new technology in alleviating poverty will only be achieved if people are convinced of its value and if it is easily accessible, easy to use and affordable.

The aim of this project is to identify factors inhibiting or constraining the adoption of new technologies and to identify mechanisms of overcoming these constraints. This present research was done to test the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), specifically mobile phones, in providing actionable information to poor farmers, as part of the extension infrastructure in Pakistan.

Agriculture is referred to as the backbone of Pakistan's economy; it is the single largest sector employing almost half of the country's total workforce and contributing one-fourth to the GDP. Pakistan's current and potential agricultural land is under enormous pressure to grow more from existing land areas from three specific drivers of change.